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Hills athletic fencing club

Hills Athletic Fencing Club was established in late 2016. We are a registered affiliated fencing club with the NSW Fencing Association (NSWFA). 

Hills Athletic Fencing Club was designed to delivery high quality fencing training in Australia.  Our enrichment fencing programs help develop sporting skills, fitness, concentration, listening skills and decision making. It provides opportunities for sharing ideas and experiences, teamwork and helping build self-confidence. We can foster a life-long love for sports.
We are currently the #1 ranked fencing club in NSW with good consistent results. We aim to provide a world-class fencing training program in a safe, positive and respectful environment. Winner of "2018 Club of the Year - Grand Prix Award"; "2021 Youth Club of the Year".

HAFC is not just a fencing club, it’s a sword combat and fitness family for all. From beginner to elite national champions, with mutual respect and bonding connection. At HAFC, students respect and help each other.







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Why should YOU learn fencing?

Our Fencing Program is specifically designed for kids/adults to help them develop strength, coordination, balance and flexibility as well to improve their focus, self discipline, respect and self confidence!  

Fencing is an addictive sport which is also one of the fastest way to get fit and lose weight whilst having fun.

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Improves overall fitness (aerobic ability, strength, coordination, speed and agility).

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Helps develop social skills, building friendships and teamwork.



Builds self-confidence and self-esteem, reduce stress.

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Improves memory and teaches planning, strategy and foresight.

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Helps with study in the form of increased focus and concentration, discipline and mental toughness.

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Increases competitiveness but good sportsmanship, respect for your opponent and fair play are taught as essential elements of the sport.

At Hills Athletic Fencing Club, class fees are charged per school term (10 Weeks) and are pro-rated.
10% sibling discount on 2nd child group class fees only (no sibling discount available on private individual lessons or court fee charges).
​Lessons are subject to availability.

*Pricing may change from time to time at the discretion of Hills Athletic Fencing Club.
**Important information in regards to private individual lessons:
  • Please arrive 10 mins earlier before your scheduled private lesson. Acknowledge the coach of your arrival. Use this time to prepare the necessary equipment needed for your lesson and perform a self-warmup.
  • If you arrive late to your individual lesson, the time will not be extended. The remaining time left will only be used for the lesson. No credit or refund will be issued due to a late start.
  • Before the start of each semester, please confirm the date and time of the individual lesson. If you fail to confirm this, you may lose your individual lesson spot to another student.
  • Once your individual lesson has been confirmed for the term, the confirmed time and day of the individual lesson cannot be changed.
  • The individual fencing lessons fees are charged by the term. Hence the course fee must be paid in full at the start of the term.
  • A maximum of one (1) make-up classes per term are available. These will have to be completed during the term or during the school holiday break subject to coach's availability. 
  • 24 HOUR'S notice of cancellation is to be made to the coach in order for a make-up to be valid. Otherwise, the private lesson will be invalid and neither a make-up or refund is owed to the student.
  • If the coach is unable to attend individual classes due to reasons beyond their control, the student will be entitled to a make-up class or the Club will issue a full refund for the individual lesson if a make-up lesson could not be arranged.
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