Angie Zhao

Accredited Coach by US fencing coach association and Academie d’Armes France in all three weapons (Saber, Epee and Foil)

B. Commerce.  M.Rehabilitation Counselling

Cert III & IV in Fitness

Angie's responsibilities at HAFC include management of fencing programs and coaching staff, as well as business administration and marketing.  She was a former board of directors of NSW Fencing Association. Under her vision and management, HAFC successfully achieved the NSW No.1 ranking club award within two years.

Angie continued her training on her own by attending overseas coach camps. She has completed her coach training at Duke University and the US and French Fencing Coach Academy and gained her accreditation coach title. She has taken lessons and trained under some of the best Olympic coaches internationally. This versatility has given her a wide range of ideas, techniques, and approaches to meet every student's needs and ensure their success.

She also has a Bachelor degree in Commerce and a Master's degree in Rehabilitation Counselling from Sydney University. She is a qualified Rehabilitation Counsellor and is passionate about promoting community health and sports of fencing to individuals with all abilities.


Chris Xu

Epee Head Coach

Olympian Coach

Chinese national team professional epee athlete

Bachelor of Sports coaching

Diploma of Sports Rehabilitation

Chris was a former Chinese national fencing team member, a professional Epee athlete. She has extensive competition experience at national and international level competitions. Her results include multiple Chinese national championships; 2nd place at Asian fencing games. She was the national fencing coach of the Chinese fencing team. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic games, she was appointed as the head coach for the Chinese fencing team. She had coached many state and national fencing athletes. Her student's recent results include Australian National U15 Champion,  NSW U8, U10, U12,U14 epee Gold Medal Silver Medal and Bronze Medal.

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Yoongi Shim

Saber Head Coach

Professional Sabre Coach

South Korea national team sabre athlete

Yoongi is an elite fencer from South Korea -  The No.1 country in Sabre fencing. He has 15 years of fencing experience. When he was 13, he got a fencing scholarship and joined the Korean national fencing course. He trained with Korean National Head Coach Lee Hyokun when he was at university. He was a national team member.

Yoongi is passionate about teaching fencing lessons and he is result-driven. He focuses on the individual student's needs with a customized coaching approach. He has extensive experience in working with different groups including young kids, adolescent fencers, and elite fencers. Yoongi is a very down-to-earth and approachable person.

His personal competition results include:

 2008 U15 Korean National Competition individual, team - Gold

2011 U18 Korean National Competition individual – Silver

2012 Korea-USA Elite International Competition individual - Bronze 2018 Australian Fencing Championship in Sydney individual – Silver

2019 Singapore International Fencing Competition individual - Gold

Have received Gold medals in all the NSW State Open competitions attended since 2018

Other qualifications related to sports coach First aid/CPR Working With Children’s Check