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BIRTHDAY PARTy and birthday party venues

Say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating everyone's schedule for a laser tag arena, bowling alley, or trampoline park. 
Avoid the stress of crowded indoor venues. Forget about dealing with people you don't know!
Instead, experience the thrill of a nerf party or archery tag celebration right in our private birthday party venue. The whole place is only for you and your guests.
You're guarenteed to be the ultimate hero in your child's eyes!
Customize your kid's birthday party with a unique theme to make the day even more memorable.


Nerf Gun Party

Are you ready for a Nerf War? 

Our very popular Nerf Gun Parties are great fun for kids of all ages including parents to participate in an exciting activity within a safe and controlled environment. 


Archery Tag Party

Archery Tag is a combat team sport activity and game using foam tipped arrows and recurve bows. Each team (2) play a game of strategy and skill to score points or eliminate their opponents.


Sports Party

What a great way to keep your kids active during a party than to have a Ready Steady Go Kids Sports Birthday Party! They get to learn the basic skills of the sport whilst having fun with all their friends.


Your own party -birthday party venues

Please let us know your ideas, we can personalize your party!

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