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NDIS Travel and transportation

Individuals with disabilities who face challenges in using public transportation, like buses, trains, and trams, or need extra support while traveling, may receive help with travel and transport services. This kind of assistance can encompass a variety of aids and services that are potentially fundable through the NDIS, such as:

  • Assistance with Taxis or Rideshare Services: Individuals with disabilities may receive funding to use taxi or rideshare services for transportation to various appointments, activities, or social events.

  • Vehicle Modification Assistance: Funding might be available for adapting a person's vehicle to ensure safe and comfortable transportation for themselves and/or their mobility aids.

  • Support Worker Transport Assistance: Financial support can be allocated for a support worker to accompany an individual with a disability on public transport or provide personal driving services for appointments, activities, or social outings.

  • Specialized Transport Services: Funding may be available for specialized transport solutions, like wheelchair-accessible vehicles, catering to those with disabilities who need extra support.

The provision of specific supports and services through the NDIS is tailored to meet each individual's unique needs and aspirations. This process involves a collaborative planning phase with the individual, their family or caregivers, and an NDIS planner. During this phase, the individual's goals and needs are identified, leading to the creation of a personalized plan. This plan details the necessary supports and services, including travel and transport assistance, to achieve the individual's goals.

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Our support worker teams prioritize your comfort, dignity, and privacy, treating you with kindness and respect. Our diverse backgrounds enable us to be flexible, adaptable, and responsive to your needs. This diversity facilitates easier connections with people who assist you in maintaining independence at home and in the community, in line with your care plan.

All our support staff are trained to offer top-notch assistance while respecting your privacy and cultural background. Our services include cleaning, laundry, food preparation, bathing, showering, hygiene, and dressing.




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